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Both rely on a Rock-Solid Pitch.
brings them all together - Skillfully.

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Whether you have an idea, a pre-revenue startup or post-revenue startup, PitchPlatform makes the difference to your path to success. Whether you are pitching to investors, corporates, accelerators or incubators, PitchPlatform gives you the competitive edge.

Your business model might be brilliant but if your pitch is dull, no-one will listen. At PitchPlatform, we not only bring it all together online, we give you expert pitch tips and tactics. You learn from Africa’s most engaged pitch expert. You get guidance that you can use to fine-tune your pitch and propel your progress. You get value and traction from PitchPlatform input and feedback.

Each startup is unique. Each investor is an individual. Each startup programme has its own mandate. At PitchPlatform we know that you want your pitch to be singular and to stand above others. PitchPlatform is not formulaic. We personalise feedback specifically for you. We stand by your side until you are ready to take your place on the Platform.

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After Selection Pitch, you get:

1. Pitch help from an expert pitch and presentation coach.

2. A proven formula for a compelling pitch.

3. Freedom from a specific agenda – PitchPlatform is       independent.

4. Up to three months to complete your pitch.

5. Six months of showcasing your startup to qualified viewers.

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When you join the audience, you get:

1. An economical way to find startups.

2. An opportunity to watch pre-screened startups pitch.

3. Access to expert pitch coaching for your startup portfolio.

4. Six months of showcasing for your startup portfolio.

5. More free time.

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When you join the investor audience, you get:

1. Access to startups that know what to pitch and how to pitch.

2. Access to pre-screened startups that show grit.

3. Access to startups that articulate value with clarity.

4. Freedom from demo day agendas – PitchPlatform is independent.

5. The option to watch online, in your own time.

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Selection Pitch


Apply. Follow guidelines. Submit your pitch.


Provide individualised pitch feedback. Let you know if you qualify for Investor Pitch and PitchPlatform.

Investor Pitch


Give you expert coaching and invite you to feature on PitchPlatform.


Prepare and deliver a knockout pitch.


Showcase your startup on PitchPlatform.

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Investors - Accelerators - Incubators

The PitchPlatform audience is select. If you have a clear investment mandate and want an opportunity to hear qualified startups, please apply below. You will save time and avoid frustration.

The startups are screened for pitch readiness and deliver the pitch according to specific guidelines. These guidelines have been meticulously curated over years of experience. They ensure that the founder can clearly and succinctly show the business value to investors and to the market. Content is delivered with the express objective of facilitating informed decision-making before the due diligence process.
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